Enjoy this incredible landscape


The Bardenas Reales was created over a million years ago through constant erosion of its clay, chalk and sandstone which has formed a  breath-taking expanse of ravines, flat plateaus and solitary hills. This dry, beautifully desolate place is considered to be one of the most impressive areas on the Iberian Peninsula.

Bardenas Reales’s Nature Reserve is criss-crossed with more than 700 kms of footpaths and cycle tracks allowing you fully enjoy this thrilling landscape of ravines, solitary hills and flat plateaus.


Bardenas Reales has been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Staying at our apartments,you will be able to enjoy this magnificent, unique environment together with your family and friends.


Olite’s Royal palace or Olite’s Castle is a construction of the XIIIth and XIVth century. It was one of the headquarters of the Court of the Kingdom of Navarre from the reign of Carlos III. It was considered to be one of the most luxurious castles of the old European continent. Due to this, it was chosen as the first medieval marvel of Spain.

In 1813, during the War of Independence, the palace was almost completely destroyed by fire.  However, the Statutory deputation of Navarre acquired the building and began its restoration.

Nowadays, every summer it is the headquarters of the Festival of Olite’s Classic Theatre.


Tradition tells us that the hermitage was built in the same place where a vision of  Mary appeared to a peasant. It is is located 5 km from the village and possesses  extraordinary views of Bardenas Reales’s Nature reserve. Few more agreeable experiences exist than a late afternoon visit to the Hermitage of the Yugo.
Source: infoArguedas.


Sendaviva is a park family leisure destination. It has more than 35 attractions for all  ages and offers a wide and varied number of activities and workshops for those interested in knowing a bit about the diverse animal species that live in the park. It is an ideal place for a family day out where the youngsters will certainly begin to undestand and learn to love and respect for the environment.